1. Logo still incorrect in cart page
  2. image
  3. The tick and text to center with regards to the button
    1. to move the the right a bit
    2. image
    3. It should look something like the following:
    4. image
  4. Formatting still weird
    1. the “y” in Monthly is at the bottom
    2. image
  5. Arrow animation not implemented

  1. “Your cart” to be in the middle, and “back” to be on the left
  2. image
  3. Text “taxes and shipping ..” to be “Discounts can be applied later at checkout”
  4. image
  5. Trading Account Name input to be hidden → default Trading Account Name to be “DefaultName”
    1. ensure Numbering texts are updated as well
    2. image
  6. Contact Support to open the bottom right corner chat button (Richpanel) → apply for cart, checkout and footer
  7. image
  8. The tick and text the be centered with reference to the “Add to cart” button
  9. image
  10. Weird logo to fix
    1. To have the + sign if cart empty
    2. If something in the cart, the + sign shouldnt be there
    3. Cart logo to be slightly further from the button — more to the left
    4. image
  11. Logo incorrect
  12. image

  1. Implement the rear tile for this section as well
    1. On Figma, March 30 12:14pm version.
  1. To have a comma after 3 digits
    1. 11,806
    2. 111,607
    3. 1,111,607
    4. image
  2. When adding to cart, the “y” is at the bottom — make it on the same row as. “Type of subscription”
  3. image
  4. Resize product font to 16 from 20
  5. image
  6. Yellow discount area missing — updated the product text and its missing now — oops
    1. make it font 16 as well
  1. asd

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