Affiliate Program

Registration and Login

PineConnector Affiliate Portal → Chat With Us! After registration, please email and indicate how you intend to use the affiliate link. Only successful applicants will be able to access the affiliate portal.

How does it work?

For every customer you refer to us, you will receive a commission. Your audience will have to click your unique link. A cookie mechanism will then trigger and we will be notified when a subscription has been made. There affiliate portal will allow you to track your number of referrals, orders, conversion rate, sales dollars and earning dollars.

Share the Joy Instead of you earning the entire referral amount, you may provide a portion of it as discounts to your clients — the discount provided can be one-off (applies only to the first month) or recurring (applies to every month). For instance, instead of earning a full 15% commission on sales, you may decide to provide 10% discount on their first month to encourage sales via your referral link, and earn only 5% of the first month sales, and 15% on subsequent months. You may even provide the full discount on the first month if you wish, you’re free to decide!

Commission Rates

We provide a 5% base recurring commission for referrals. 

We offer a higher rate if you have an established platform or community.

With a license costing $29.90 per month,

5% Commission, Annual Payout ($)
10% Commission, Annual Payout ($)
15% Commission, Annual Payout ($)

The above assumes 1 license per referral, while in reality, a client may have more than 1 concurrent license subscribed.

Referral Cookie Duration

Affiliate tracking cookies will last for 30 days. 

21-Day Maturation Period

Each commission will be placed into a holding period for 21 days after the customer subscribes to our services. This is to ensure your sales are legitimate and customer do not refund on your affiliate sales.

Payment Policy

There is a minimum payout of $100. All eligible payments will be paid directly to your PayPal account.

PineConnector reserves the right to amend, vary or modify these Terms at any time, without giving prior notice to you and such amendments shall be effective immediately upon inclusion/publication of such amendment on the Website. In the event of any dispute, PineConnector’s decision is final.