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PineConnector Docs

PineConnector Docs

User-friendly automation for retail traders.

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Guides Directory

  • Configuring Alert Message
    • Syntax
      • Crafting your alert message based on PineConnector’s formatting
    • EA Settings
      • Browse and learn what the various EA settings and options mean
      • Some EA settings will affect syntax, such as “sl=” and “risk=”
    • Multi-Strategy
      • Run multiple strategies independently of each other (on the same timeframe or asset) using 1 license ID
  • Debugging
  • Recommendations
  • Education
  • Other Resources
    • FAQ
      • Questions commonly asked by traders, and us addressing repainting issues and quote difference on TradingView vs your broker
    • Product and Service Roadmap
      • Plans for PineConnector, what we’re working on, and what we’ve released
    • Cheatsheet, and best practices
      • All the syntax parameters and EA settings compiled into a summarized document for easier and quicker reference
Latest PineConnector EAs MetaTrader 4: v2.143 MetaTrader 5: v2.095 Last updated: Monday, 29th May 2023
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