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EA v3.30

EA v3.30

PineConnector EA v3.30

Last updated: Tuesday, 4th June 2024

As part of the PineConnector v3 launch, while earlier MT4 and MT5 EAs up to v3.17 were using v2 EA code, we are rebuilding our Expert Advisor (EA) from the ground up to provide a bug-free experience, increase signal processing efficiency, and enhance maintainability.

With the newly overhauled EA, starting from v3.30 onwards, we aim to improve coding practices for better maintainability and performance.

We are releasing this early rebuilt version to gather your feedback quickly and address any bugs promptly before further development.

While we anticipate a streamlined trading experience and have conducted robust testing, there could be bugs due to the varied configurations of hundreds of brokers. If you encounter any bugs, please report them using our v3 bug report form.

Since most of you use MT5 instead of MT4, we will prioritize development for MT5 first, followed by MT4.

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Bugs If you face bugs using the PineConnector EA v3.30 or later, please report them to us. All bug reports will be reviewed, with urgent and critical bugs prioritized in our next sprint. Bug Report Form.


  • MT5 v3.30 Tuesday, 4th June 2024
    • Deprecated
      • All v2 EA code
    • Added
      • Improved foundation codebase for v3 EA
      • EA
        • Syntax
          • Target Type: Toggle between Pips, Percentage and Price for sl= and tp=
          • Volume Type: Toggle between Lots, Dollar Amount and Percentage of Balance (Loss) for risk=
        • General
          • Pyramiding: Allow multiple positions in the same direction.
          • Close on Reverse: Automatically close opposite positions when a new order is placed.
      • Syntax
        • Market Orders
          • buy: Execute a buy order.
          • sell: Execute a sell order.
          • closelong: Close all long positions.
          • closeshort: Close all short positions.
          • closeall: Close all positions.
          • closelongshort: Close all long and short positions.
          • newsltplong: Modify SL/TP for long positions.
          • newsltpshort: Modify SL/TP for short positions.
        • Others
          • risk=: Set risk percentage.
          • sl=: Set stop loss.
          • tp=: Set take profit.
          • comment=: Add comments to orders.
          • secret=: Use secret key for authentication.