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PineConnector Enterprise


If you've developed an indicator, strategy, or signal you're eager to monetize, PineConnector Enterprise provides a seamless solution. This service simplifies the process for your users by eliminating the need for them to individually create a PineConnector account, subscribe, configure the Expert Advisor (EA), and set up alerts. Moreover, it removes the necessity for you to grant your users access to your TradingView indicator or strategy.

PineConnector Enterprise enables you to offer your clients a unique EA, giving them immediate and direct access to your signals. The integration is so smooth that they may not even realize it's powered by PineConnector's robust architecture.


Your primary responsibility is to send signals to your License ID. These signals are then simultaneously replicated across all your clients' trading accounts, ensuring efficient and consistent signal distribution.

For instance, if you have 100 clients associated with your License ID, sending a signal of “buy, EURUSD, risk=1, sl=10, tp=20” will result in all 100 clients receiving the same EURUSD entry signal simultaneously.

Regarding risk=1, the volume will be calculated based on your client's chosen volume type option—lots, dollar amount, or percentage. You have the option to lock the volume type to one of these options if preferred.

With sl=10 and tp=20, the stop loss and take profit targets will be calculated based on your client's selected target type option—pips, price, or percentage. Note that selecting price as a target type may lead to errors for your clients. You also have the option to lock the target type to either pips or percentage.


PineConnector Enterprise offers a range of customizable add-ons to enhance your and your clients' experience:

  1. Whitelabelled Webhook URL
    1. Customize your webhook URL from the standard to a personalized one like, aligning with your brand identity.
  2. Whitelabelled EA
    1. Feature your brand’s text and logo on the EA, replacing PineConnector's default branding, for a more integrated look and feel.
  3. Customized EA Settings
    1. Adjust the PineConnector EA options to suit your specific requirements. For instance, you can set the target type exclusively to pips and designate a Magic Number like 88.
    2. Add custom EA features such as symbol mapping, allowing users to convert symbols based on their preferences, for example, from “EURUSD” to “EUR/USD.micro” or “APPLE” to “”.

Our commitment to enhancing PineConnector Enterprise continues, with more add-ons and features planned for release in the near future.

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