Trades Not Triggering

Addressing Entry Discrepancies In the event of discrepancies between your TradingView entries and MetaTrader's order records, please follow these steps for resolution:
  1. First, cross-check your TradingView's alerts log and the PineConnector Signals Log
  2. Once the logs above match, evaluate the Experts output which prints more information on how your signal is being processed by the EA.

It's important to note that the comparison should not be made solely between your TradingView chart and MetaTrader trade log as there is possibility of errors in your entry coding, misconfiguration of your alerts, or a combination of both factors.

No trade despite trigger If alerts are being generated on TradingView but the EA is not detecting any signals, kindly review the following checklist.

If the expiration date is visible on your MetaTrader terminal but signals are not being received, the issue is most likely related to your TradingView configuration.

Signals Record When troubleshooting this problem, make sure to verify that your alerts are recorded in the Signals Log - a log of all alerts received under your License ID.


If you encounter the situation where alerts are being triggered but no action is taking place, kindly review the checklist provided below.

1. Incorrect License ID

Ensure that your alert message contains your correct License ID.

2. Incorrect Syntax Format

Incorrect Order

LicenseID,EURUSD,buy,risk=1 (not acceptable)
LicenseID,buy,EURUSD,risk=1 (acceptable)

Multiple Commands

LicenseID,closelong,EURUSD,buy,GBPUSD,risk=1 (not acceptable)
LicenseID,closelong,EURUSD (acceptable - sent separately)
LicenseID,buy,GBPUSD,risk=1 (acceptable - sent separately)

3. Incorrect Syntax Command

Ensure command used is one of those listed in the Syntax page.

LicenseID,closesome,EURUSD,risk=1 (not acceptable)
LicenseID,closelongpct,EURUSD,risk=1 (acceptable)

4. Misspelling

A command or component is spelled incorrectly — commonly “risk” and “trail” are misspelled.

LicenseID,buy,EURUSD,rsik=1 (not acceptable)
LicenseID,buy,EURUSD,risk=1 (acceptable)

LicenseID,buy,EURUSD,risk=1,trialtrig=10,trialdist=8,trialstep=5 (not acceptable)
LicenseID,buy,EURUSD,risk=1,trailtrig=10,traildist=8,trailstep=5 (acceptable)

5. Accidental Inclusions

Inclusions such as brackets — especially when using dynamic codes or placeholders.

LicenseID,buy,EURUSD,risk=1,sl=5} (not acceptable)
LicenseID,buy,EURUSD,risk=1,sl=5 (acceptable)

6. Incorrect Webhook Address

Misspelling or omission in the webhook address. (not acceptable) (acceptable)

Copy the webhook address below, if needed:

7. Improper Alert Configuration

If you see an arrow on your TradingView chart without a corresponding entry in the alerts log (as shown below), it may indicate that your alert trigger is not properly configured.

If an alert is triggered, you should expect to see a new entry as depicted in the following screenshot:

Accurate Comparison It is crucial to match your TradingView's alerts log with your MetaTrader's Experts Tab, not with the TradingView chart.

8. PineConnector EA not running

Ensure that you have PineConnector EA running on your MetaTrader terminal.

You should see your license details per the sample screenshot below:

If you can't see the information above after entering your License ID, please check your Windows Version here.