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v3 Announcement

v3 Announcement

PineConnector v3: A higher high.

Last updated: Tuesday, 14th May 2024


PineConnector v2 was a minimalist product that worked (mostly). Signals were transmitted reasonably quickly, and your members' dashboard was minimalistic—showing only basic licensing and signals data. PineConnector v2 was essentially a test to see if there was a product-market fit, to gauge whether demand existed for such a product.

Considering the unwavering support over the last 2 years, we've decided to leap from what seemed like a hobbyist product to a professional offering. Taking into account your feedback from the past 2 years (we've received over 900 feedback submissions, not to mention the feedback shared via support!) has been instrumental in designing and building PineConnector v3.

We've improved our backend design and processes to reduce licensing bugs and improve how licenses work (more on this below), upgraded the communication technology used to connect our server (now in the cloud) with your MetaTrader terminal to lower signal latency, and hired a full suite of developers to ensure more robust testing, continuous development, and (most importantly) significantly quicker bug resolution times.

Aesthetically, we're also making the leap from the cool 2000s (goodbye, basic HTML tables!) to a much more modern 2020s look. We've also made small but noticeable changes to the logo and colors to signify our growth (we hope you like them!).

The initial release of PineConnector v3 will definitely be a high point, but it won't be the end of development. In fact, it's the start of our journey to provide you with a full-suite TradingView to MetaTrader connector, with a lot more on the roadmap.

Welcome to the bull market—an era of higher highs for us and (most importantly) for you.

PineConnector v3 is in open beta testing. Full launch is scheduled for Q2 2024.

What’s New in v3?

1. Members’ Portal

We've completely revamped the PineConnector Portal, making it more dynamic and visually appealing. Now, the portal displays trading data streamed directly from your MetaTrader terminal. This is particularly beneficial for managing multiple trading accounts simultaneously or if your trading accounts are running on different devices.

In your portal, you can find the following:

  1. Licenses: Upon login, you will be presented with your Licensing Dashboard. It shows the live status of your licenses, along with basic information about your trading accounts. For connected accounts, you have the option to view your Trades or disconnect the connection.
  2. image
    Auto-Roaming Licenses With PineConnector v3, licenses now include an 'auto-roam' capability.

    If your license is valid (not in use and within its expiration period), you can connect to any trading account of your choice without the need to manually enter your trading account number. This eliminates the need to update the Licensing Dashboard!

    If you have more than one instance (Advanced or Professional plans), you can choose to have all instances linked to a single License ID or create multiple License IDs, each with its own instance.


    To create new License IDs, you can self-configure via the Configure Licenses button.

  3. Signals: In the updated Signals Log, the log automatically refreshes when new entries are added. You can now access more detailed information for each signal received, including the time taken for processing and whether any errors occurred with that signal.
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2. Multi-Instance Alerts

Here's the game-changer in PineConnector v3: Multi-Instance Alerts.

We understand that many of you manage multiple trading accounts – perhaps a combination of a proprietary firm account and your personal one, or you might be comparing strategies across live and demo accounts.


With Multi-Instance Alerts, sending a signal to one License ID replicates the signal across all instances associated with that License ID. For example, suppose you have connected two trading accounts to License ID 6871135486089.


Sending a signal to this License ID ensures that both accounts, numbered 2364382 and 5013733780, concurrently receive the identical signal.


In the Signal Logs, we can see that for Signal ID 3013, the system generates Signal 3013.1 for Account 2364382 and Signal 3013.2 for Account 5013733780. This occurs despite the accounts being distinct.

The platform allows for the connection of up to 10 trading accounts to a single License ID under the non-enterprise version. Meanwhile, the release of the enterprise version is projected for no earlier than the second half of 2024.

3. Pricing

Whether you are new to automated trading with a limited budget or an experienced user of our platform seeking comprehensive solutions, our varied pricing plans are designed to accommodate your diverse needs.


Our new pricing structure ensures that on a per-instance basis, you pay less while gaining access to additional features and upgrades

Existing Subscriber Benefits To express our gratitude to our current subscribers, we are introducing a special pricing policy as a token of appreciation.

Here's what you can expect:

  • v2 to v3 Advanced Plan: As an existing subscriber, you'll be seamlessly upgraded to the Advanced plan at your current subscription price. This means you'll enjoy advanced features at no additional cost!

4. Others

In PineConnector v3, we've made several noteworthy updates:

  1. Logo: Our logo has undergone a thoughtful redesign. While maintaining the upward-pointing arrow, we have now incorporated Fibonacci numbers into its design. The increased boldness of the logo has been enhanced to symbolize our company's growth, health, and increased stability as we continue to mature.
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  3. Tagline: Our fresh tagline, “Your Bridge to Effortless Trading” embodies our commitment to being your preferred choice for seamless automated trading, specifically connecting TradingView and MetaTrader.
  4. Intercom: We have shifted our support chat to Intercom. This move enhances security by restricting account-related inquiries to logged-in users, improves our ticketing system for bug reports, and offers a more visually appealing chat interface.
  5. Techies: Our tech team now comprises seven skilled professionals (and a dev intern!), including a senior developer, a mid-level and 2 junior developers, a QA specialist, a project manager, and a UI/UX designer, ensuring comprehensive development, robust testing, and innovative design for our product's continuous growth and improvement.
  6. Technology: Our platform has been upgraded to a robust cloud infrastructure, featuring enhanced communication technology. This upgrade ensures reduced and more consistent latency, along with the capability to stream your trading data directly on the PineConnector Portal.

What’s coming later?


The launch of PineConnector v3 represents a significant milestone in our journey, yet it is far from our final destination. We are already looking ahead, planning further refinements and enhancements to your automated trading experience.

Stay tuned for these exciting developments. With PineConnector v3 as our foundation, we're set to elevate your trading experience to yet more higher-highs.

1. EA Rebuild

We are embarking on a comprehensive rebuild of our Expert Advisor (EA) aimed at enhancing both speed and reliability. This initiative is centered on optimizing performance and further reducing execution times by milliseconds. Although the rebuild may lead to temporary bugs and requires time to perfect, it promises long-term advantages through more efficient coding and the adoption of improved best practices.

2. Analytics

We plan to develop analytics for your trading accounts to provide a thorough evaluation of your trading strategy's effectiveness. This new feature will allow you to access vital trading metrics, offering insights into performance trends, profitability, risk assessment, and other crucial aspects.

The objective is to furnish you with detailed, data-driven feedback, empowering you to make more informed decisions and refine your trading strategies effectively.

3. Public Dashboard

We're developing a Public Dashboard to combat falsified trading activities in retail trading. This initiative aims for genuine transparency, enabling users to share their trading data publicly. Our process ensures only verified positions aligned with our signals are displayed, addressing profit exaggeration or fabrication. Non-PineConnector positions, while visible, won't be verified, maintaining authenticity.

This tool is designed to protect retail traders from misleading data, providing a clear view of strategy profitability. It's a step towards true transparency in the trading space.

4. Signal Modifier (Released on 7th May 2024)

We're planning to introduce a Signal Modifier, aimed at benefiting two distinct user groups:

  1. Traders with Limited Strategy Code Access: For those constrained by TradingView's scripting limitations, this tool is indispensable. It allows for direct adjustments to trading parameters, providing a vital solution for adapting to market fluctuations without complete access to the strategy's code.
  2. Traders Prioritizing Efficient Alert Management: Ideal for users looking for an efficient method to handle TradingView alerts, the Signal Modifier streamlines the process of updating trading parameters. It removes the need to delete and recreate alerts with every strategy modification, offering a quick and efficient way for frequent strategy optimizers.

5. News Filter

To support our users who are proprietary firm traders with restrictions during high-impact news events, we're introducing a news filter. This feature will automatically bypass signals during such events, ensuring compliance without manual intervention.

Ignored signals will be logged in the Signals Log, marked to indicate their omission due to the news filter.

6. Signal Authentication (Released on 7th May 2024)

To safeguard your License ID from unauthorized signals, we are introducing a signal authentication system designed to process only verified signals. Should you choose, there is an option to disable this feature.

In instances where the keys do not align, the signal will not be transmitted to your trading terminal. Any signals withheld due to key mismatches will be documented in your Signals Log, enabling you to review all signals that have been successfully received.

7. Enterprise

We recognize the growing demand for an enterprise solution that scales and customizes our main product to fit larger operations. In response, we plan to develop an enterprise solution featuring:

  1. Higher Maximum Instance Count: Designed to scale with your operations, ensuring unlimited expansion.
  2. White-labelling Options: Customize webhook URLs and remove PineConnector branding from EAs for a personalized touch.
  3. Customized EA Settings: Offers the ability to lock specific settings or remove EA options for enhanced signal control.
  4. Comprehensive License Management Portal: Allows full control over system access and license expirations.
  5. Enhanced Analytics: Offers in-depth insights into trading performance and strategy effectiveness.
  6. API Integration: Provides an API for creating custom widgets and integrating with your tools and payment systems.
  7. Telegram Integration: Enables efficient communication and updates on trading signals and performance via Telegram.
  8. Dedicated Tech Team: PineConnector Enterprise not only offers a solution but partners with you, providing tools and flexibility for optimal operation at any scale.

8. Others

We are exploring several enhancements to our roadmap to further improve user experience and support:

  1. Expanded 24/7 Support: To underline the importance of continuous assistance, we're planning to extend our customer support to offer 24/7 service. This expansion will especially enhance weekday support, ensuring timely and comprehensive help.
  2. Email Notifications: Users will receive instant email notifications for signal errors or disconnections from their trading terminal, facilitating quick awareness and response.
  3. Syntax Modifications: In an effort to refine the user experience and increase clarity, we propose updates to our syntax for order creation:
    • For clearer command interpretation, pending orders will adopt the syntax pending=.
    • To provide a more intuitive interface, volume settings will change to volume=.

Transitioning from v2 to v3

Phasing Out Version 2

As we prepare for the launch of v3, we have designed a strategic transition phase to ensure a seamless experience for our users:

  1. Concurrent Availability: Initially, Version 3 will be introduced alongside the current v2. This approach allows users to familiarize themselves with v3's new features while continuing to rely on the stability of v2.
  2. Gradual Transition to v3: Following the stabilization and optimization of v3, we will start the gradual phase-out of v2. This period, expected to last between 2-3 months, is planned to give our users sufficient time to comfortably transition to v3 without any disruption to their workflows.

Throughout this transition, we commit to maintaining open and consistent communication with our users. We will provide regular updates on the transition timeline and detailed guides to facilitate a smooth migration to v3.

Our support team will be available to address any questions or concerns during this period, ensuring a supportive and straightforward transition for all users.


When will PineConnector v3 be publicly available?

It is scheduled to be available sometime in Q2 2024.

What are the new pricing options in PineConnector v3, and how do they compare to the previous version?

PineConnector v3 offers more economical pricing options with lower starting prices, providing access to additional features and upgrades. The pricing structure is designed to be more cost-effective on a per-instance basis.

How does the Auto-Roaming License feature work in PineConnector v3?

The Auto-Roaming License feature allows users to connect their license to any trading account of their choice without the need to manually enter the trading account number, as long as the license is valid and not in use.

How has the Members' Portal been improved in PineConnector v3?

The revamped PineConnector Portal now displays trading data streamed directly from users' MetaTrader terminals, offers a comprehensive view of licenses, connected accounts, and trades, and introduces a dynamic and visually appealing interface.

Do I have to switch to PineConnector v3 when it is released?

You have the option to continue using the current PineConnector v2 dashboard and EA. However, once v3 is deemed stable, access to and support for v2 will be phased out within 3 months. All subscribers will be notified about the specific timeline in due course.