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v3 beta

v3 beta

v3 Beta

Last updated: 6 March 2024, 6.41am GMT+8 v3 is now in open beta. Your closed beta account will no longer be available. Please create a new v3 account here.
Closed Beta Please be aware that you are currently participating in a closed beta phase. This environment is subject to intermittent issues, and disconnections may occur without notice.

This page will provide you all the necessary documentation to get started with PineConnector v3’s closed beta testing.


  1. 1st March 2024
    1. Released v3.08 which is less susceptible to dropping
    2. Fixed bug resulting timestamps not showing in signal log
  2. 27th February 2024
    1. We moved the location of our cloud resources to be as close to TradingView’s dedicated server which generates the alert webhooks
    2. Latency data can now be seen on your chart when the EA is attached and running
  3. 25th February 2024
    1. Released v3.05 EAs which shows your ping with PineConnector’s and your broker’s server, improved initiation and deinitiation processes, and added a webrequest failsafe
  4. 22nd February 2024
    1. Pushed out v3 EA with full syntax and EA features as per PineConnector v2
    2. Database optimisation


Latest PineConnector Versions Version 2 MetaTrader 4: v2.148 MetaTrader 5: v2.100 Version 3 (Open Beta) Portal: v3.06 MetaTrader 4: v3.17 MetaTrader 5: v3.17 & v3.30 (overhauled, closed beta) Last updated: Tuesday, 4th June 2024
PineConnector v3 is in open beta testing. Full launch is scheduled for Q2 2024. Read the announcement here.
  1. PineConnector Portal
    1. Create an account here:
    2. You may access the portal via the following link:
  2. Expert Advisor
    1. Download the appropriate EA in the downloads page:
  3. MetaTrader Setup
    1. Setup is similar to PineConnector v2, with an added step.
    2. Under Tools (CTRL+O), add the following URL under WebRequest → ensure both added
      2. image
  4. Syntax
    1. Syntax is now more forgiving — spacing and special characters such as “_” is supported.
      1. LicenseID,buy,EURUSD,risk=1
      2. LicenseID , sell , CADJPY_X , risk=3
    2. Full v2 syntax is now support from EA v3.04
  5. Alerts
    1. For your TradingView’s webhook address, please use the following URL:
We will send you a feedback form in a week to get your thoughts. In the meantime, if you have questions specific to PineConnector v3, please email

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