Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to PineConnector — let’s get you set up fast!

1. Register for a PineConnector Account

To get started, register for a PineConnector account for access to the members’ portal. The members’ portal contains the PineConnector Expert Advisor (EA) downloadable, your license information and more.

2. Ensure that you have TradingView Pro Plan or Higher

To automate your TradingView strategies, indicators or scripts, you will require TradingView Pro, Pro+ or Premium. Being on either of those plans will enable you to send webhook alerts.

Using TradingView’s Trial? If you are on TradingView's free trial under the Pro, Pro+, or Premium plan, you will be allowed to send webhook alerts, which satisfies this condition. With the Premium plan, you can send up to 400 alerts, and second-based alerts are enabled. Compare TradingView’s Plans.

3. Ensure that you are Using a Compatible Operating System

PineConnector is compatible with the following Operating Systems:

  • MacOS
  • Windows 10 and 11
  • Windows Server 2016, 2019 and 2022
MetaTrader Stability on MacOS While you may run MetaTrader on your MacOS, some have faced stability issues such as MetaTrader crashing with the endless loading wheel. If you face such issues with your Mac, we recommend that you opt for a Windows VPS.
Microsoft Remote Desktop If you are using a MacOS, we recommend that you use Microsoft Remote Desktop (MRD) to navigate your VPS.

Efficient Mac Shortcut Save time and streamline the process of copying the PineConnector EA and License ID to your VPS by using the "CMD + C" and "CMD + V" keyboard shortcuts.

Here's how:

  1. Download the EA to your Mac.
  2. Copy the EA using "CMD + C".
  3. Open the MRD window on your Mac.
  4. Paste the EA to your VPS using "CMD + V".

Similarly, you can easily copy your License ID on your Mac and paste it into the EA running on your VPS.

The following Operating Systems are not compatible:

  • Windows 8 or older → Update your OS to Windows 10/11
  • Windows Server 2012 → Upgrade your VPS to Windows Server 2016/2019/2022
  • MetaQuotes VPS → Use a different VPS provider such as this

Checking Windows Version

To check the Windows version you are using, press the Windows logo key + R, type “winver” in the Open box and select OK.


PineConnector-compatible VPS

If you are looking for a PineConnector-compatible VPS, you may opt for the PineConnector VPS which costs $30/month or less.

Optimizing VPS Location for Your Broker: A Quick Check Optimise your VPS location and save up to 200ms. Check which location is best for your broker.

4. Use the recommended broker for PineConnector

Optional, but recommended to streamline and maximize your trading potential: To ensure optimal trading performance, we recommend using the same broker that we use for PineConnector testing. In addition, you can trigger your alerts based on the broker's data source available on TradingView, leading to better trading performance.

Minimize errors, maximize your trading potential, and ensure the best possible experience with our platform.

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