During your 14-day trial with PineConnector, you have access to the Advanced plan, which includes the following features:

  • Price (Monthly): $49.90
  • Concurrent Connections: Up to 3
  • Typical Latency: 1 second
  • Broker: Compatible with any MT4/5 broker
  • Signals: Unlimited
  • Symbols: All symbols supported
  • Support: 24/5 customer support


  • All EA Features: Enjoy full access to all Expert Advisor features.
  • All Syntax Commands: Utilize all available syntax commands.

Advanced Plan Features

  • Multi-Instance Signals: Enable multiple instances of signals.
  • License Configuration: Configure licenses according to your needs.
  • Signal Authentication: Authenticate signals for enhanced security.
  • Symbol Mapping: Map symbols efficiently.

Take full advantage of these advanced features during your trial period to see how PineConnector can enhance your trading experience. We encourage you to try out the Multi-Instance Signals, License Configuration, Signal Authentication, and Symbol Mapping features to fully understand the capabilities of our Advanced plan.